About ELA

ELA is an authorised financial service provider, FSP number 49010 Focusing on best practice, systems and procedures that deliver transparent service.

We aim to build relationships with clients and institutions by providing products that are customised to suit both corporate and individual needs, while being diverse within their offering. Our promise is to provide our clients with professional risk management and execution trades.

ELA Asset Management is composed of partners and senior management.

Each one having in-depth knowledge of global and local South African markets, experience in trading, investing, real-estate development, financial services and fin-tech resources.

United in passion, motivation and creativity dedicated to a mission of growth.


ELA Asset Management was founded in 2018 by a group of seasoned Brokers and Investors with diverse experience and knowledge across Equity and Forex markets. Brought together with highly skilled derivatives traders, asset managers and compelled high net worth relationships, to provide clients with professional service with full transparent and negotiable brokerage rates.

Since establishment, ELA Asset Management is combined with a variety of financial products, which focuses on a range of services that builds on the relationships of its clients.

CEO at ELA Asset Management - Faadil Moti

Faadil Moti is the Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of ELA Asset Management (pty) Ltd. He is a graduate of a Bcom finance degree and has completed class of business in investments.

His career started with the Motvest group in 2015 in building companies that suited property development financing and infrastructure. Finding an introduction into financial services with expertise in day trading, a variety of fintech products, and access to corporates and individuals that require foreign payment solutions and is focused on building networks of like minded entrepreneurs and companies with experience in financial services, real-estate and property development and retail sectors to add value to a range of fintech ideas and procedures to service the industry.  

Director at ELA Asset Management - Mark Sluzki

Mark Sluzki is a director and Key Individual of ELA asset management (Pty) Ltd. He has 20 years market experience in financial services. His career as a trader started on the Mara SP Reid and a Director at Quyn Holdings. After gaining valuable experience in the field, he founded Capilis Asset Managers (Pty) Ltd in 2004 and has specialised in derivative and portfolio management across local and offshore products. His focus is in risk management and preservation of wealth. He is an individual with a high entrepreneurial spirit that has allowed him to acquire a wide range of networks across the globe. He values his relationships within the workplace and strives to build a competitive edge by delivering financial services with full transparency.

Chairman at ELA Asset Management - Yusuf Moti

Yusuf Moti is the chairman of ELA asset management (Pty) Ltd. He is an entrepreneur and an international businessman who has experience and investments in various businesses in the financial services, construction and real estate, healthcare, telecommunications, IoT, mining and retail sectors. Has extensive knowledge in the banking sector and served on the board of Barclays in South Africa for 12 years, he is also part of the young presidents organisation international. He is an entrepreneur who is constantly looking for innovative and disruptive ideas to take to market.

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