Corporate FX Desk

Global payments simplified.

We offer tailor-made foreign exchange solutions for importers & exporters, corporates, and small to medium enterprises, through our extensive banks and liquidity provider network.

We facilitate the seamless movement of money across South Africa’s borders. Our team of experts will work hand-in-hand with you to identify risks and minimise exposure to the fluctuating FX market. ELA Asset Management will take the time to understand your business, help you identify how your business could be exposed to Forex fluctuations, and provide you with the tools needed to combat this. Through our longstanding relationships with banks and liquidity providers, we focus on negotiating the best exchange rates to minimise risk and maximise savings. You’ll benefit from discounted wholesale exchange rates direct from the treasury with our multiple banking partners, saving you money on your transfers.


Competitive Exchange Rates

Risk Management and Hedging Solutions

Access to a Variety of Currencies

Free Access to Market Research

Real-Time Online Access

FX Risk Management

We’ll help you mitigate and manage the challenges and unforeseen costs associated with doing business offshore.

Send & Receive International Payments

We’ll help you make informed decisions about the timing of your FX payment.

Competitive FX rates

By eliminating inflated exchange rates and outgoing/receiving fees, money transfer Ela makes it cheaper than the banks to make international payments.

Dedicated Advisors

Your dedicated advisor will work with you to develop tailored FX strategies to suit your business.

We make offshore payments stress-free and cost-effective.

Get in touch to speak to one of our dedicated advisors.

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