Discretionary Allowances

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Money transfers out of South Africa are subject to exchange control regulations and individual allowances granted by the Reserve Bank of South Africa.

Our experienced team of professionals will take the difficulty out of the administrative requirements involved with processing your transaction.
We can assist you with the following personal allowances :

Annual Individual Discretionary Allowance of up to R1 million per calendar year

Exchange control regulations allow you to move R1M per tax paying adult out of South Africa each year as part of your Discretionary Allowance.

Annual Individual Foreign Investment allowance of up to R10 million per calendar year

We will assist you with the required tax clearance certificates that are required to execute your instruction for foreign investment.

Emigration Allowances

Currently emigration allowance allows for R20 million per family, we can assist and advise on all requirements for foreign exchange to complete your emigration.

Non Resident Transfers

We can execute Foreign Exchange transactions for no SA residents.

South African Reserve Bank Special Approval Applications

Should your transaction needs fall outside of the maximum allowances we can assist you with submitting a special approval from the South African Reserve Bank.

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