Meet the team

The ELA Asset Management team

The ELA Asset Management team is made up of seasoned financial services professionals united in passion, motivation and creativity dedicated to a mission of growth. Each member of our team boasts in-depth knowledge of global and local South African markets, as well as strong experience in trading, investing, financial services, and fintech resources.

Faadil Moti - CEO at ELA Asset Management

Faadil Moti is the Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of ELA Asset Management. He began his career with the Motvest group in 2015 where he was introduced to financial services and gained expertise in day trading, a variety of fintech products, and access to corporates and individuals that required foreign payment solutions. From there, he saw an opportunity and established ELA Asset Management in 2018 with the aim of adding unparalleled value to the financial services space. 

Yusuf Moti - Chairman at ELA Asset Management

Yusuf Moti is the chairman of ELA Asset Management. He is an entrepreneur and an international businessman who has experience and investments in various businesses in the financial services, construction and real estate, healthcare, telecommunications, IoT, mining and retail sectors. Yusuf has extensive knowledge of the banking sector and served on the board of Barclays in South Africa for 12 years. He is an entrepreneur who is constantly looking for innovative and disruptive ideas to take to market.  He is also part of the Young Presidents’ Organisation.
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