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From simple cross-border trade related payments to complex hedging solutions, we can handle all your foreign exchange needs.

With over 20 years of experience in foreign exchange management and services: We have ensured that our team of experts are available to provide our clients with the personalised service they deserve when dealing with their foreign exchange.

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CFC Accounts

Exchange Control

Account Manager

Steps to be taken

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Start by finishing the once-off account activation paperwork and furnishing us with the essential FICA files
After providing the necessary office work, you ought to get confirmation of your Mercantile account being activated inside a day, provided that all paper work is in order
Get hold of your account facts
Your Mercantile Account will be up and equipped for funding upon receiving your account confirmation letter from both your consultant or the bank itself. Once received, feel free to fund your account with the desired amount.

How does the system work?

As soon as the client has been signed up and all the admin is in place, they are able to cross onto the device friendly platform to attain a price, order and/or execute a deal!

  • Point and Click

On entering the system, you may see the bid and offer expenses displayed on the display screen. The task of a alternate is actually as smooth as “point and click on”. You could favour to click at the “purchase” or the “sell” buttons, in keeping with your alternate, then enter the values which you would really like to exchange. It is a fairly easy technique. With information preloaded onto the machine, trades can be effected hastily and painlessly.

  • Spot and Forward Rates

The system has the capacity to speedily and without difficulty quote spot and forward fees and all clients have the capacity to book forward quotes. Additionally, the system also permits for an early draw down – whether in partial or full – as well as extensions if, for example, the best times have no longer yet arrived.

  • Real Time Monitoring 

From your device, you are capable of observing the entire administrative method of the transaction.  Therefore allowing room for minimal or no risk of missing emails or overdue payments. The client is also able to display the complete process as it unfolds in actual time, and should any problems arise, there’s a web notification mechanism to tell you.

The deal confirmation notification is electronic and is despatched to the client or broker directly, in addition simplifying the tracking of deals and allowing speedier proof of settlement to providers

The Benefits 

With notably less human intervention, the potential for human blunders inside the method is extensively decreased;

  • offers are capable of being effected extra swiftly, saving time
  • there is a complete audit path, with each detail of the transaction documented online and available to clients
  • clients are capable of enjoying the bulk of quotes negotiated by ELA 
  • complete transparency on trade fees
  • live pricing and admin on one gadget
  • Simplified tracking with deal affirmation online
  • Simplified admin and forex regulatory compliance such as automated technology of the BoP form
  • digital documentation submission enables rapid settlement and agreement affirmation
  • internet primarily based gadget that lets in worldwide admission
  • No need for lengthy credit facility tactics

We welcome the possibility to speak about your forex wishes with you and to illustrate the online foreign exchange trading system

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